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How To Use Social Media To Benefit Your Business

Friday, June 27th 2014 1:20pm

Here are some ideas on how you can use Social Media to increase your business profile and ultimately get more business or sales.
Social Media is of huge importance in our modern world of course with people tweeting and posting on Twitter and Facebook virtually 24/7, whether they are in bed, at work, shopping or watching TV. This all leaves businesses with a tremendous opportunity to engage with these millions of people online.

Engage is the word as you do not really want to be selling directly on the Social Media channels, but what you do want to do is to get your business name and services out there so that they get noticed. This is quite easily done.

Let us take a look at Twitter for example which is a particular favourite of mine. If you set up a Twitter account under your business name you can then fill in your profile and also upload a good picture of your business on there too. On your profile I would mention what you sell or what services you provide, your location, some personal info to engage with people, plus have a link to your website too.

Now if you want to interact with people and businesses in your local community all you need to do is put in the search box either the name of your local town or a search term with your town included and a host of people and businesses will then be provided. Go through these and Follow the ones that interest you and you will then find that many of these will Follow you back.

You then need to interact with your Followers and the people that are Following you by Tweeting at regular intervals, and I would use in these tweets the # and the name of your local town and # and the name of your business or type of business so that more people will find you from this and Follow your account.

It is also important to retweet other peoples interesting tweets that you are Following, Favourite some as well and comment on tweets etc so you will soon start to get good feedback and positive messages from others on your Tweets. Things soon begin to snowball doing this.

As you progress you can start to promote special offers or discounts at your business, promote events if you have any and all manner of things just as long as you try to do it in a non-sales like fashion. This can be a great help for your business.

In the next post we will look at Facebook and how you can use this to promote your business.


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