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Mobile Statistics To Make Your Eyes Pop!

Tuesday, July 1st 2014 12:19pm

Take a look at these eye popping statistics and then try to tell yourself that you don`t need a mobile strategy in place for your business. Mobile is the future of commerce so have your company ready to benefit from this.
82% of mobile shoppers use the search facility online to check out their options and influence their purchasing decisions.

79% of smartphone users are now using their devices to purchase with, so people are now both checking out their purchasing options AND buying direct from their mobile devices.

The places where people regularly use their mobiles outside of their home are when they are travelling, when they are in a store shopping and when they are in a cafe or restaurant.

Tablet users are using their search facility nearly 74% of the time they are online, far more than any other activity, which means you desperately need you website in a prominent place in the search engine rankings and you also need your website to be mobile and tablet responsive.

Local mobile searches (85.9 billion) are expected to start to exceed desktop searches (84 billion) in 2015, a statistic to make everybody sit up and take notice.

Worldwide smartphone use is expected to reach the figure of 2 billion people by 2015.

85% of the global population should have 3G Access by 2015. You can conclude by these figures that mobile marketing will be far more important than any other type of marketing within the next 12 months and all the big companies will be concentrating their marketing efforts in this direction.

We hope that as a business you are taking this into account and developing a powerful mobile strategy so that you can benefit and get more eyes in front of your business.

If you require help and advice in developing a mobile strategy Online Solutions will be glad to help you, just contact our offices for a confidential chat.


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