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Latest News | Cameron Gives Positive Verdict On Northern Ireland Recovery

Cameron Gives Positive Verdict On Northern Ireland Recovery

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014 12:07pm

Prime Minister has talked positively about the economic recovery in Northern Ireland, claiming that it is well on course and going exactly to plan.
Ahead of a meeting with Stormonts leaders in London Cameron was effusive in his praise for how Northern Ireland was recovering from the recent economic worldwide crash and insisted that the Governments packages aimed at stimulating the economy here have worked extremely well.

The economic package included in it the promise of £100 million from the Treasury coffers if required to kickstart growth in areas where it was required, and it has now been announced where some of this money is going to be used. £30 million is going to fund development in an education campus in Omagh, £15 million to help build up a mixed tenure housing development and another 300 homes in a shared development scheme in Belfast and Newtonabbey, and a further £8 million is going to be invested in primary schools in the areas of Omagh, Portadown and Corran.

With news that the economy in Northern Ireland grew by 2.6 per cent last year David Cameron was quoted as saying:
" It is great news that the long-term economic plan is working for Northern Ireland, in the last year output, employment and exports have increased; access to finance for small and medium sized enterprises has improved, and independent forecasters have revised up their outlook for the region. This means more financial security for hard-working people and businesses in Northern Ireland, who can be more confident about a brighter and more prosperous future."

Politicians are also due to meet in Belfast today to discuss the ongoing issues regarding flags and parades and how to deal with other issues that are a legacy of the Troubles. It is hoped that the politicians involved in these talks will be able to come to an agreement and strike a deal that will help Northern Ireland move forward and help towards a more prosperous future for all.

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