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Ecommerce Statistics To Make You Sit Up And Take Notice

Thursday, July 10th 2014 9:57pm

Here are some Ecommerce stats that may surprise you and I am sure will be of interest to you if you have a business either offline, online or both.
Ecommerce is growing very quickly here in the UK, with the internet economy likely to expand at the rate of 11% over the next 2 years. By 2016, 1 in 4 retail purchases in the UK will be completed online.

Mobile commerce is a section of Ecommerce which is another huge growth area, with 44% of UK shoppers who have smartphones saying that they do, or would very much consider, making purchases direct from their mobile phones.

Multi channel retailing is now a big part of the new retailing landscape with many of the large retailers finding that their Click & Collect delivery system is accounting for around 50% or more of their overall online sales.

Over 40% of UK retail consumers are now performing online searches before they go to a store to check out their options and what is available first.

It seems that online prices are often more competitive than the prices within the high street stores, with the online price showing a significantly smaller increase percentage wise in comparison to the prices in the shops. This is obviously another reason why shoppers like to browse for goods and services online and often purchase their goods direct from the retailers online stores.

The digital economy has changed the landscape in so many areas, as for example with books, where e-books are quickly taking over the sale of physical books, and Amazon has become such a big player in this particular market.

Google accounts for over 90% of searches in the UK.

Ecommerce is now an area that smart retailers can cash in on and they can attract new customers from all areas of the UK and further afield. If they have a good, easy to use online store that is attractive to customers, and if they promote the site so that it gets good search engine rankings they can achieve a very strong revenue stream through this platform.


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