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Latest News | Deadline Day For Having A Mobile Responsive Website Is Next Week On April 21st

Deadline Day For Having A Mobile Responsive Website Is Next Week On April 21st

Wednesday, April 15th 2015 12:38pm

Google have announced they are bringing in another of their updates on April 21st and this update is specifically aimed at penalising any website which is not mobile responsive (sometimes called mobile friendly or mobile rendered). So it is absolutely essential if you are a website owner that you ensure your website is mobile responsive by this date, otherwise you may see your website quickly slide down the search engine rankings for all your major keyword terms, meaning that you will lose traffic, and potential customers if you have a business.
Mobile is now becoming an important part of any businesses promotional strategy and it is obvious to see why when you look at the figures. It is believed that as many people search for goods and services both locally and nationally on their smartphones or tablets as they do on a traditional desktop such as a computer or laptop. So to have a website that either does not scan correctly on a smartphone, or has the text too small to read, or is hard to navigate around, does not make sense in this digital age, and Google have recognised this and are bringing in this update so as to encourage people and businesses to update their websites so they can be accessed easily on any device.

At Online Solutions we recognised that having a mobile responsive website was going to be an important requirement and so our CtrCube system which all of our websites are created from has this built in, meaning that all our clients websites are automatically mobile friendly. There are no adjustments to be made and so we make it easy for our clients to be compliant with Google and all the other search engines.

So if you at present have a website that is not mobile responsive, or perhaps you are not sure if it is mobile responsive or not, then get in touch with Roy here at Online Solutions to see what can be done for you. I cannot stress how important this is if you have a website that is promoting your business online, the drop in rankings will greatly affect the amount of website visitors coming to your site and so impact on your business. You can contact Roy on 07912 086 251 or alternatively fill in the Contact Form here on the website and we will be back in touch.


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