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Did You Get Mobile Responsive?

Thursday, April 23rd 2015 4:58pm

As April 21st has now passed and Google are rolling out their latest update, if you have not yet got a mobile responsive website you will soon see a dramatic fall in the rankings in the Google search engine for all your keyword terms. As so many people now search for the goods and services they require online through Google this could cause your business a great deal of damage.
But all is not lost yet. If you act fast to ensure you have a mobile friendly website as soon as possible you will hopefully not suffer a fall in your websites status. We can help you with this if you wish, if you are unsure whether your website is mobile responsive and passes the Google test we can check this for you and if it is not we can supply you with a mobile friendly website if you need us to. All our websites that are built in our CtrlCube system are mobile responsive and are perfect for looking at either with your smartphone or a tablet as well as your desktop applications.

This update has been coming for a while now, as Google sees the need for all websites to be responsive so that they can be viewed on all types of applications. As half of the people who probably view your site will be checking it out on a smartphone or tablet rather than a computer it makes sense to ensure they can easily read and navigate around your website.

A mobile responsive website fits perfectly into the screen of someones mobile phone, the text is large enough to read easily and it also easy to go to all the different Pages on the site and click on any links that are on the site. Anyone with a smartphone who visits a website that is not mobile responsive will very rarely hang around on that site so he site will be losing a potential new customer every time this happens.

If you do require help with a mobile responsive website please either leave a message or you can ring Roy directly on 07912 086 251. We can provide a low cost solution for you to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors in the Google rankings.

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