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How To Raise Your Online Profile And Gain New Clients

Thursday, February 25th 2016 12:31pm

Marketing your business online is absolutely vital if you want to progress and get in front of as many potential customers as you can. Many businesses unfortunately throw up a website and maybe a Facebook Page and think that their work is done but this should be just the start. You need to tick all the boxes and make sure everything is aligned in order to really promote your business online. Let me explain----
So you have your website up and running let`s assume, but your website strangely is not getting any hits/traffic/visitors or at least only a trickle, so what do you do? Firstly you need to ensure you have verified the website with Google and you can do this by using Google Webmaster Tools. By doing this you know that Google have now identified and will hopefully take notice of you and start showing you in Google Search. You also want to create an analytics account for the website so you can track how many visitors you are receiving each day and each week, and what sort of search terms they are finding you by.

Your website needs to have your contact details on the site, a clickable email address link or even better a Contact Form that people can fill in to leave you a message. You need to have a unique meta title and meta description for each individual webpage using all your important keyword terms. And your website content should have all your major and minor keywords sprinkled through it but never overdo one particular phrase or it may look like spam content. Use your major keyword terms in your Titles, Headers and Sub Headers and you can also tag all your photos with relevant keywords too.

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and clear and precise in its intentions. You need to grab peoples attention right from the start and give them a clear call to action whether it be leaving their email address, ringing your business or purchasing a product or service.

The search engines do not like to see a website in isolation as they will think it has no relevance to the wider community so you need to provide both internal and external links. You need some strong external backlinks to the site which will increase your trust flow and you can have some links on your site to other relevant sites (as long as they are not in competition with you) and of course to all your Social Media accounts.

Regarding Social Media accounts I would say there are 5 of major importance which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Not only do you need accounts on these for your business but you need to keep sharing updates and pictures and engage with other people and businesses as much as you can on a daily basis. You don`t sell directly from your social media accounts but use them to promote your brand and business and direct them to your website etc.

You need to ensure you have Claimed and Verified your Google My Business Page, optimised and fully completed all the relevant details and linked it to your website as well.

We hope this information is of value to you, if you require help with any of the above please contact Roy on 028 3752 8126.


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