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Is your website making you money?

Thursday, January 12th 2017 12:00am

There is only one thing that matters online. It's a simple formula - WEBSITE TRAFFIC + CONVERSIONS = SALES. You need lots of people visiting your site, people looking for your type of product or service and then you need your website set up in such a way that it "converts" well. In other words, once people land on your site you have only a few seconds to gain their attention and get them to take action, for example phoning or emailing you, leaving their contact details on your site or visiting your premises.

The HOME page is particularly important to the success or failure of your website to make money. Website design needs to be geared to the customer and the content needs to talk about them and not about yourself. I provide a free Online "healthcheck" to identify any gaps in your online exposure. Why need get in touch today, I can point you in the right direction towards a website that increases your "bottom line".


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